Relight your Life (engl.)

Spirituel coaching with energetic Support.

Over Distanz Treatment even in other Countrys can be done,appointment is neccasary,

Details time and preis are to be confirmed over email.


I'm highly gifted, extrem sensitive and from my youth very close with the spirituel world.

In the last years I made my talent to my profession and now I can offer you help and energetic activation in a relaxing and protected area.

For an appointment you require at least 1, hour,
The appointment costs 98,00 Euros which you bring in cash with you.
Further appointments only if neccessary.

Recognize your own Energy Flow,

whats stopping you having a succesfull life?

Spirits what shouldent be here can cause a lot of problems.


With a garden full of weeds it is neccessary for a lovely garden to pull out the weeds by the roots.

By humans it is the same picture,
when you are sick or in bad health what ever it maybe,

the roots of the weeds deep down have to be searched found and gently pulled out.

Then recovering is only a matter of time.

Healthiness and prosperity I wish you all from the bottom of my heart!
Philip D. Nicholls.